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Lisa Murphy (Australia) - Power Of A Dream, 2010    Drawings: Ink on Watercolor Paper


I got this today in spite of all the mean ppl at my school


rob mcelhenney: hot

charlie day: hot 

glenn howerton: hot 


like i grasp this isn’t an oppression contest but you aren’t going to be kicked out for being demisexual. no one is going to deny your marriage because you required a bond first. people aren’t going to mock you and your quality of life isn’t going to decrease in the slightest. to place yourself under an umbrella term of people who are legitimately fighting for their rights every single day feels really, really disrespectful to me honestly

“Plums in the Icebox” by Anuschka Blommers & Niels Schumm for Dossier Journal.
it’s so nice outtttt